Succulent Sunday

I have an obsession with plants, gardens, flowers and yes - succulents. They are adorable and instantly add color and life to the indoors or a decorative arrangement for outside. I planted a few little guys today (photo below), and let's face it - I'll probably be going back to my local nursery for more. I can't get enough.

A few things to know about succulents:
They are a great first plant to buy because they can handle either indoor or outdoor environments.
You can propagate each plant by trimming the leaves off, laying the leaf on top of soil and wait for it to sprout.
They only need water about once a week (over-watering will kill them)
They come in all shapes, sizes and colors so each one is unique.

What are you planting this spring/summer? 
Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone, thankful for all who serve and allow the rest of us to live in a safe country.


Keep March(ing) On

Happy March 1st friends - to say I'm looking forward to Spring is an understatement. This girl needs some serious sunshine. 
Sometimes when seasons change, it doesn't feel like anything really changes because we still have to go to work, go through our daily routine, take care of our families, deal with the same struggles, and if we're lucky try to take care of ourselves at the end of the day. I'm thankful that even when I feel like nothing gets better my father God is still working. Blessings are always right in front of me and if I choose to look over them I can miss out on so much love. Sometimes you have to stop - look right in front of you and realize how much God cares for you. 
I think I'm most looking forward to just sitting outside in the fresh air and soaking in some sun this spring - along with some roadtrips, staying strong on my workout routine (I suggest pairing with a gym buddy because it will make your workout fun and fresh - thankful for my best friend who works out with me), and celebrating with some sweet friends who are preparing for their weddings.
What are you planning this month?

XO, katherine


Weekend with Katherine Liz

There are pros and cons to having to work every Saturday for my job... not always fun, but that means my weekend consists of Sunday and Monday off. Don't get me wrong I like my job but I look forward to the weekend as much as the next girl (usually because I have a million projects I want to do).

This weekend I finally got around to hanging some of my frames in my room. I recently moved and it always takes longer than you think it will to settle in. I have so many projects coming up and decorating ideas that I can't wait to do (and share).

All photos used are mine - please don't use without asking. Thanks!

I made some new pillow covers - let's talk about black leather and how in love I am with them. Promise I'll post a photo of the finished look soon.
What did you all do this weekend? Hope you had some fun in between all the errands and chores.


Casual Thursday.

Sometimes (almost all the time) simple is better. I tend to gravitate toward simple staple pieces that can be layered, accessorized or styled differently to create multiple looks. 
Try to pick a few staple items that can be used and mixed with other items such as a basic white or black t-shirt, a jean jacket, a neutral colored blazer, black or dark wash skinny jeans, neutral colored flats. Paired with a floral scarf, statement necklace, colored belt and a classic leather tote each of these pieces can be easily be transformed into functional and chic outfits.

J.Crew Jean Jacket (similar here), J.Crew Striped Pullover,  J.Crew flats, necklace and pants, Elliott Lucca pouch.

This would make for a perfect weekend look that you could easily change to make it you. If you refer a scarf to a necklace throw on a patterned scarf and some booties if you want a height boost (if you're short like me I love heels for some extra height!). Stick to finding great basics that fit well, are made to last, and that are comfortable.



Last Week's Evening Out. (Outfit Post)

Last week I went to a good friend's birthday at a favorite downtown restaurant. They have amazing pizza, pasta, and salad (all some of my most favorite foods!). It was a cool evening and I had been running errands after work all afternoon and didn't have alot of time to change so I kept it simple and fun.
Madewell Jeans, J.Crew Factory Flannel, J.Crew Booties, J.Crew infinity scarf.

Yes, you can say it - I have a minor obsession with all things Madewell and J.Crew. But after trying so many other jean brands and not finding a good fit, Madewell has again and again fit me in all the right places. (and they are so soft and have the best washes).

Happy Monday, stay warm and dry - if you're in my neck of the woods it's both rainy and cold.


New Year, New Start.


It has been too long - 2 years to be exact since I last posted. I have no better excuse as to why I stopped blogging for the past two years than ...college, working 3 different jobs (at one time), graduating college, moving 1100 miles away last year (and then moving again back to the East Coast) and the start of a new job this past year. By the way, can anyone else believe that it is already February?!

I'm beyond excited to start blogging again - I'm most excited about posting some of my sewing, design and diy projects and of course my ever growing love for all things fashion. You'll see a bit of everything from my life... outfit posts, style tips, my growing obsession for exercising and probably some of my crazy (and amazing) friends will show up.

Thanks to whoever is following along - I'm excited to share with you and in turn to read your blogs!




Just wanted to post this photo and remind you all how precious life is and that everything really does happen for a reason. Sometimes we do not know why, but simply resting in the fact that God has a bigger plan and a perfect will for you will give you hope. It gives me hope.