Succulent Sunday

I have an obsession with plants, gardens, flowers and yes - succulents. They are adorable and instantly add color and life to the indoors or a decorative arrangement for outside. I planted a few little guys today (photo below), and let's face it - I'll probably be going back to my local nursery for more. I can't get enough.

A few things to know about succulents:
They are a great first plant to buy because they can handle either indoor or outdoor environments.
You can propagate each plant by trimming the leaves off, laying the leaf on top of soil and wait for it to sprout.
They only need water about once a week (over-watering will kill them)
They come in all shapes, sizes and colors so each one is unique.

What are you planting this spring/summer? 
Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone, thankful for all who serve and allow the rest of us to live in a safe country.

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