Keep March(ing) On

Happy March 1st friends - to say I'm looking forward to Spring is an understatement. This girl needs some serious sunshine. 
Sometimes when seasons change, it doesn't feel like anything really changes because we still have to go to work, go through our daily routine, take care of our families, deal with the same struggles, and if we're lucky try to take care of ourselves at the end of the day. I'm thankful that even when I feel like nothing gets better my father God is still working. Blessings are always right in front of me and if I choose to look over them I can miss out on so much love. Sometimes you have to stop - look right in front of you and realize how much God cares for you. 
I think I'm most looking forward to just sitting outside in the fresh air and soaking in some sun this spring - along with some roadtrips, staying strong on my workout routine (I suggest pairing with a gym buddy because it will make your workout fun and fresh - thankful for my best friend who works out with me), and celebrating with some sweet friends who are preparing for their weddings.
What are you planning this month?

XO, katherine

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