About Katherine

Hi readers - my name is Katherine, but I've always gone by Katie. I'm pursuing my passion and interest in fashion while navigating through my early 20s. I try to look for joy in all I do and think that the little simple things are often most important.
I love fashion and styling! My mom tells me that I used to change clothes more than 3 or 4 times a day and give her fashion shows when I was little. I love getting dressed up and playing with color and fabrics. This blog will be mostly devoted to my love of all things fashion, design and style.
I love to sew and have been since doing it I was 10. I've designed for a few fashion shows, made alot of my own clothes but mostly I just love to have fun with the whole creative process. I also enjoy taking pictures of pretty things, playing the piano, cooking and soaking in the summer sun. As you read, I hope you enjoy my posts... I love reading your comments and want to read your blogs too so please share.