Weekend with Katherine Liz

There are pros and cons to having to work every Saturday for my job... not always fun, but that means my weekend consists of Sunday and Monday off. Don't get me wrong I like my job but I look forward to the weekend as much as the next girl (usually because I have a million projects I want to do).

This weekend I finally got around to hanging some of my frames in my room. I recently moved and it always takes longer than you think it will to settle in. I have so many projects coming up and decorating ideas that I can't wait to do (and share).

All photos used are mine - please don't use without asking. Thanks!

I made some new pillow covers - let's talk about black leather and how in love I am with them. Promise I'll post a photo of the finished look soon.
What did you all do this weekend? Hope you had some fun in between all the errands and chores.

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